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What is Paranormal Supernatural State

 Sari Hewlett-Pacheco

Sari Hewlett-Pacheco created and wrote a made for television series based on the Paranormal Supernatural. The show will feature her own experiences and that of others that she knows and also people she has never met. The truth always comes out and sometimes those who have passed have messages for their loved ones left behind. Sometimes a spirit is not meant to move on but to help us as we go through life and what we were put her to do with God's guidance.  Helping families understand and move forward with the loss of a loved one is what we do. Compassion. Love and understanding that life changes shape but the Spirit lives on. Sari has been involved with other productions in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years and I have seen many things I cannot describe yet I know the existence is there. At times we have captured voices and spirits on recordings and film. I hope you find our work helpful and useful and I thank you for being here.

She is listed on the IMDB data base.

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We are taking bookings from our website for Friday, Saturday or Sundays beginning at 1 pm and the last appointment is 5pm. I do allow special time slots so if you require a time that is not listed here please contact me via text at 812-236-7218 or email at unbridledent@gmail.com so we can book a time that is convenient for you. I do readings in person or virtually with zoom or over the phone. Please tell me your preferance when you book otherwise it will be in person at the location listed. 

Located in the beautiful historic Strand district at Diana's Bartique located at 2425 The Strand, Ste 100, Galveston, TX 77550. We do take walk in customers as long as our schedule permits.


Paranormal Supernatural State's first season is scheduled tentatively to begin in Galveston Texas on their Historic Strand District. Diana's Bartique, The MOB Bar, the Sealy & Hutchings Building and the famous Pirate Jean LaFitte's Masion Rouge will be featured on our first season.

 Places like the Mile High Mucheese Shop,  Greenway Manor and other fabulous historic places in Bisbee Arizona will alos be featured locations.

From Hotels, to a back country roadway, to the grande mansions of the late 1800's we hope to show you that life continues on in many forms. There are many questions left unanswered by us all in reference to life after death. We want answers and we want to understand more about how we continue to help one another in life and death. In doing so, we want to always include YOU whenever we can!

Our cast and crew are very diverse in their backgrounds and are of various ages. Some have many gifts and abilities, while others are curious and sceptic. This allows us to give you the best truthful raw investigations that we can provide while at the same time you will see something relatable within yourself. Our mission is simple: Help others by providing them comfort and understanding about those who have passed on and to provide answers to the things we cannot understand fully.


Paranormal Supernatural State has a list of very talented people that are looking forward to joining us on an investigation and some are allowing us permission to investigate their business! We are very honored and will be providing a list of guest appearances very soon so check back often. You might see someone listed you know.

We have added a "Where We Have Been" page. If you wish to know more about a certain place please contact us by one of the emails provided on the "Contact US" page we would love to hear from you or you can book us now through our secure booking agency by clicking the tab "BOOK NOW"




Paranormal Supernatural State is currently in pre-production. We will be submitting the show for distribution and will let you know when it gets picked up. In the meantime please follow us on Twitter and Facebook. In addition we have added a short Sizzle reel in IMDB.com or you may check it out on Youtube:  




Renowned historic guide for the paranormal in Galveston Texas and owner of Eddy Specter's Ghost Tours is Eddy Specter, Intuitive Reader Donatella,  and Tarot Card Reader Jamie Wilson join Empathic Reader Sari Hewlett-Pacheco .Please go to his page to see more of what we are providing and be sure to watch for them on the show as they will be doing investigations with us.


You may also want to check back often to follow our progress and be sure to sign our guest book we love hearing from you.


Photo on right is Mile High Muncheese Shop, Bisbee, AZ

If you wish to have Paranormal Supernatural State investigate your location please send an email and include what you have experienced, the location of the site along with your name and contact information. You will be able to book on the FAREHARBOR site. Just click onto what you would like for us to do and fill out your name address email etc and pay its that easy.

Location Investigations are booked for a minimum of 3 hours and the PSS team will investigate inside or outside. We will also do private readings which we provide a tarot card reading along with an Empathic Medium and Donatella Intuitive Blessings for your property. Please see prices below.  If you have questions please contact us we want to hear from you. Please email your inquiries and suggestions by clicking the link provided below. You may also use our CONTACT PAGE to leave a more detailed message. Please be sure to sign our guest book.


Readings (empathic/ and or tarot) 

In Person, Phone or Zoom:

30 minutes:  $80.00

45 minutes:  $90.00

1 hour:          $125.00

Return customers only phone or zoom for 25 min. $50.00

NOTE: I do book private parties at $100.00 per hour within a 25 mile radius. More than 25 miles away and it is $1.25 dollar per mile for any additional miles computed round trip. Private party booking does not include individual readings. Customers will pay the price per hour or half hour of their choice for their reading. The booking fee must be paid prior to the date of the party and will be non refundable. Customers pay prior to their reading. We accept credit card payments through FareHarbor.


Investigation on location minimum 3 hours: $800.00  (additional hours may be added if the schedule permits. Price is $400.00 per additional hour and must be booked at the end of the originally booked investigation time slot)..


  BOOKING Time Availability:

All booking times and days are listed on our secure booking website with FareHarbor, credit cards are accepted. 

NOTE: Custom date and time booking:  If you require a different time slot or day other than what is listed we may be able to accommodate you if you contact me directly. I will check my schedule and see what times and days I would have available for you to book. I realize there are times that my schedule conflicts with a persons work schedule and life in general and I will do my best to accomodate you. Contact me through email at unbridledent@gmail.com or text me at 812-236-7218. 


BOOKING: Donatella Intuitive:

Donatella Intuitive Blessings: $125.00 per hour available Saturday - Monday 11am - 8 pm

Readings are done either in person or over the phone or by zoom. Donatella is on location reading.

Currently we are focused on the Houston/Galveston that we travel to. If you have a request further from Houston or Galveston including another state then we can make arrangements to do this and this would be customized per the clients needs. If you do require our services in another state or further than our area then all expenses would have to be considered and paid in addition to the service needed.


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